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In Rilltech's first year of being involved in Junior Drag Racing, with driver Jalen Dyer, combined with the massive effort of his father Mike and their team, together we have taken the NHRA Jr. National Championship!

Driver Jalen Dyer, aged 16, piloted his 2007 MC Phantom JR Comp Dragster to a series of wins over the course of the 2011 season, culminating in the series championship at year's end.

Powering the dragster is a Rilltech engine featuring very progressive power delivery, based on a 2002 Hayabusa 1300. Specially built by Rilltech for drag racing, this engine features a very broad powerband to help reduce and control wheel spin.

In addition to supplying the motivation, Rilltech performed all the preparation according to Mike's detailed instructions. The car's engine harness, headers, mufflers, oil, and fuel systems were all built by Rilltech, and in nearly 100 runs, the car has suffered no mechanical faults whatsover.

As configured, The car Runs 6.90 index in the 1/8 Mile and has averaged 6.907 over the course of this season, racking up 1 national championship, 1 regional runner-up, and 4-straight wins over the past seven races.

Building on this success, Rilltech has expanded its lineup to two more local drivers running 1000cc Suzuki powered dragsters, and is busy completing another Hayabusa powered car.

Drivers aged 14-20 are eligible to compete in Jr. Dragster, and for more information, go to,, or